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1317 Ebenezer Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732


             & Wellness Center

Let's Talk about YOUR Health

We are all given but this one vessel to propel through life in. We call it our body. Just one - sometimes it needs a fix - or surgery - or both. It's needs to be run just like a car. Got to keep your oil changed so to speak and knock the cobwebs off every once in a while. For a very long time Massage Therapy was looked down upon. Well, shame on those folks and those days. Years of research and putting it to the test has proved endless benefits to a Professional Therapeutic Massage Therapy session. It isn't just going and enjoying the benefit of a healthy lifestyle that Massage Therapy can offer, but it's equally as important to find the right Therapist for you. We all come to the table with our own skill set. Not everyone is going to be the right fit for you. If you have experienced this in your own life - I encourage you to visit us. Our experience, our education, our passion - together offer what other therapist cannot. See, this isn't a paycheck for us - it's a greater sense of being and purpose from someone/something bigger than we am. This is out passion and our success depends on your success.

we believe that a simple Therapeutic Massage every now and again, although great - just isn't enough to keep you in good working order. Consider it your maintenance plan - just like your car has. If a plan of care is good enough for your car - it should good enough for it's driver. That's why we have compiled Health Plans for everyone's budget. You shouldn't have to break the bank to be healthy. Keep a few things in mind - Professional Therapeutic Massage Sessions are covered under your health insurance plan and we are more than happy to help you set that all up. No health insurance? No problem - our plans are designs to help everyone be fit and healthy. We all have to start somewhere at is the perfect time!

Sign up for a Health Plan today. With a custom Health Plan, you will receive either 2, 3, or 4 or more sessions a month at a reduced rate to get you back on the healthy hi way. With the Health Plans - they are on a month to month basis. Everything is based on your needs and your wants. It has to make sense for you. There is no contract - you just pay once a month - you get your sessions at a reduce rate - and that's that. You can leave the Health Plan at any time - or you can stay as long as you wish. Once you leave the Health Plan - your rate will increase to the regular session price for which you choose.

For Example:

Health Plan A:

 Two - Sixty Minute Sessions/Month = $124.20

Two - Ninety Minute Sessions/Month = $169.20

Two - One Hundred & Twenty Minute Sessions/Month = $196.20

A 10% Savings off each session

Health Plan B: 

Three - Sixty Minute Sessions/Month = $175.95

Three - Ninety Minute Sessions/Month = $239.70

Three - One Hundred & Twenty Minute Sessions/Month = $277.95

A 15% Savings off each session

Health Plan C: 

Four - Sixty Minute Sessions/Month = $220.80

Four - Ninety Minute Sessions/Month = $300.80

One Hundred & Twenty Minute Sessions/Month = $348.80

A 20% Savings off each session

Pay for the year in full and save BIG!!

Annual Plans Currently Available

60 Min Annual Plan 52 - Sixty Min Sessions for the year.

Regular Price $3,588.00

Price: $2,691.00 When you pay in full

90 Min Annual Plan 52 - Ninety Min Sessions for the year.

Regular Price $4,888.00

Price: $3666.00 When you pay in full

120 Min Annual Plan 52 - 120 Min Sessions for the year.

Regular Price $5,668.00

Price: $4,251.00 When you pay in full