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Proper Draping

Posted on January 16, 2014 at 11:23 AM Comments comments (85)
Proper Draping:

Recently I received an email asking me if I had draping options.  This subject though sensitive needs to be addressed properly each and every time it arises.  There is a proper way to respond to such questions without assuming what you do not know.

Keeping the senders information private - I will only include below my response.

Thank you for your interest in The Massage Evolution & Wellness Center.  We pride ourselves in the standards of this industry and of this state when it comes to guidelines and professionalism.  The State of South Carolina, as in most states, has very strict draping policies.  That policy simply states that draping is a requirement and the client must be draped at all times.  Only the area being worked will be exposed during the time of work.  Areas such as your chest, abdomen, pelvic, and glut region will never be exposed unless a explicit request from a physician mandates otherwise.  Any licensed Massage Therapist in this State allowing a client to be uncovered during a session is breaking the law and should be reported. 

I hope that addressed your question.

Tara "Cat" Cook

You can avoid these issues with new clients as they book and visit your facility.  How?  Each time you see a new client - explain to them what they are expected to do and what they can expect.  If this is addressed up front - you should not have this issue.  Most folks want the therapeutic session - nothing else.  There may be that occasion when that isn't the case.  When that occurs - handle it immediately.  For example:  If you walk into a session and find your client on top of the sheets - back out of the room - shut the door - and kindly tell them through the door that pursuant to your draping policy that they must be under the sheets and covered.  Ask them to tell you when they are comfortabley under the sheets so that you may reenter and begin their session. 

If you have to address this concern with a client more than twice - inform them that you will no longer be able to offer them your services and why.  Be blunt.  It's your career - it's your license.  Protect them both.